Meet Artist Lana Robinson

Meet Artist Lana Robinson

Lana Robinson - Artist
Lana Robinson – Artist

I would like to introduce Graphic Design Artist, Lana who has designed a fabulous rack card (Rack Card ASC Back Rack Card ASC Front) for All Smiles Cleft.  I could not be more thrilled with her design!  Thank you Lana for your professionalism and for taking the time to hold my hand during the process.  A little more about Lana below.  

I’m Lana Robinson, I was born and raised in the South Bay then went to college in the great Pacific Northwest! My first quarter in college I felt so lost. In a desperate attempt to find something that sparked my interests, I randomly took a two-dimensional design class, this is where I discovered my love and talent for graphic design. I found my home away from home in the giant brick building that was the art department.

I believe good design should be available for everyone. Having worked with all sorts of people, I recognize that being creative and brainstorming can be out of some peoples comfort zone, so I like to share the design process with my clients, develop a shared vocabulary, and turn every job into an educational opportunity, for both myself and my client.

As far as hobbies, I love baking and cooking, doing yoga, kickboxing, and adding books to my (albeit small) design library, because who DOESN’T love a picture book?!



I live in SoCal with my husband and two kids. Love reading, writing, being a foodie and coffee aficionado. I support other moms of cleft affected children. Our family is continuing along on this journey and we seek to help other families navigate terrain we've already covered. All Smiles is what we want for all cleft kiddos!

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